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I now have a fair amount of research, and I will be collecting more and more. I’m starting to think about how I’m going to present this, is there a way to simply and elegantly visualise some of these large statements? What is the final message I am aiming to get across?

Meditation is a path to a species wide shift in perception.

Meditation leads to awareness, which results in a more sustainable global consciousness.

Meditation offers a key to understanding, and so better controlling, technology, rather then letting it control us.

Meditation is a path to happiness for the individual, this results to happiness for all humans.

Meditation helps us regain the focus that is diminished by excessive Multi Media consumption.

Lets have a look at how one of the masters visualised employed the system of exponential powers to visualize the importance of scale. Powers of Ten 1977 is one of the Eameses’ best-known films.

Check out the film here.


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