Connecting my Brain to my Smartphone

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My Muse Headband (see What is an EGG? for more info on what this is) arrived and I’ve been using it the last few mornings during my 45 minute body scan that I’m doing for my MBSR 8 Week Course.

It’s certainly pretty interesting, setting it up was very easy, it’s comfortable to wear and looks pretty unobtrusive. I played around with it seeing whether is could actually tell if I was calm or not, and it was a lot of fun to discover that it seemed it could. If I purposely stressed myself out the sound of the rough sea increased, and when I settled back into a mediative state I was rewarded with the sounds of calm tweeting birds.

So far so good, however I also discovered that it thought my mind was equally calm when using the internet, napping and reading, I know I feel very different when I meditate so it doesn’t seem to be able to make this distinction, but it’s pretty much what I expected. Another nice feature is it keeps all your meditation data in a nice format for you to look back on and share if you are so inclined, but this is true of rumours other (and much, much cheaper) Meditation Apps like Headspace or Insight.

All in all a fun piece of tech, but I don’t think particularly revolutionary when it comes to meditation. I’m going to see if I can use it to build a game teaching the potential of Meditation to expand our consciousness and increase our connectivity to each other and reality… more on that to follow.











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