Brief Refinement

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My time working with the neuroscientists has allowed me to refine my brief for the EEG Mirror. Here is what I must add to my existing work.

Firstly the positioning of the sensors is a little different to what I have been working on, rather then the lower back half of the head I must cover the top and back. I took photos and have details from them of the specific arrangement they are using now, but they say this may change slightly so for now its better to concentrate of the general area rather then placing the sensors exactly at this time.

Secondly I discovered, through the test experience we did, that alignment is crucial. They work from several points of reference of the anatomy of the head to ensure the sensors are in contact with the pertinent areas of the skull. They use the inion (bump on back of head), nasion (top of nose), and pre-auricular points around the ear. It would be good if the design helped make this alignment clear and easy to see.






Thirdly one of the issues they face is interference from electric signals coming from elsewhere, for examples from phones or power cables in the walls. The sensors are extremely sensitive, as the signals they have to pick up from the brain are incredibly weak. In the laboratory have a custom room put aside exclusively for using the EEG Mirror system, it may be difficult for a clinic to make such a room permanently available, as well as difficult to contract in the existing architecture.

I proposed using a layer to block electrical signals (a Faraday screen) into an inbuilt protective layer or hood in the EEG Headpiece itself, however the human body is a great conductor, so signal would still pass up through the neck. I proposed another solution, a Faraday Pod, a piece of furniture that could completely encompass the human body, and that could be sent up easily in a clinic, they said it was a good idea, definitely worth exploring. Hooray, I freaking love Pods (in case you didn’t know).

Faraday Screens can be made of many materials, offering different degrees of protection,  I look forward to considering different ones and also what other benefits a Pod type construction might offer the experience, for example privacy and sound insulation for distractions.

farraday protection

farraday materials.jpg

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