Neural Lace

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I’m continuing to work on the EEG Headset design, the core component of which is the support material which holds the sensors to the scalp. This will be attached the the ‘headphone’ style element to cover the top and back half of the skull, and houses 36 electrodes. I must find a material that is:

1. Flexible, to ensure close fit to the scalp

2. Stretchy, to accommodate variations in head size

3. Breathable, for comfort of the user

4. Washable, so that gel used in the electrodes and hair oil build up can to be cleaned

5. Feature alignment point for Inion on the back of skull

The current system provides small holes for the electrodes to be fitted in, each one separately wired up with the wires hanging loosely above the support material, I’m wondering whether it might be possible to integrate the wires directly into the support material, though it is important to ensure this would be durable, otherwise it’s safer to have them separate for easy replacement. So a fifth specification would be:

6. Integrated wires for power and data transfer

In homage to one of my favourite authors of all time, Ian M. Banks, I will be calling this combination of electrodes and support material a Neural Lace.


3 forms back side EEG





ml_mapInnovation Design Egineering 3rd floor Darwin-20180205110408





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