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I’ve been entertaining myself by imagining the stages of development for accurate brain reading devices for live bio-feedback based on the research by Judson and his team. I am designing the current model, which will be used in clinical a trial by 2020. I am also working on the design for the next logical step, where, dependant and the reception, the trial model will be produced in batch for rolling out across multiple mental health clinics around 2025. Both these designs use Judson’s current configuration of sensors for measuring the Post Cingular Cortex for Flow State training. I then went on to imagine a blue sky 20?? model, with self configuring sensors which could position themselves in any pattern to best measure which ever area of the brain is in question. These self organising sensors would position themselves relative to alignment sensors placed by the user on the nasion, inion and preaurical points of the skull.

Innovation Design Egineering 3rd floor Darwin-20180313135534

2020Innovation Design Egineering 3rd floor Darwin-20180313135602

2025Innovation Design Egineering 3rd floor Darwin-20180313135624


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