Neural Lace Construction

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I am very excited to report that for the Neural Lace of my EEG Cap re-design I will be working with 3D knit experts at Kobleder.

Kobleder are industry leaders in Technical Knits, producing incredible 3D knitted forms for a range of purposes, from furniture to protective garments. Kobleder uses cutting-edge, computer-controlled knitting machines, and has the full range of specialist machinery required for producing knitwear. They work internationally and are headquartered in the town of St Martin in northern Austria.

Check out this short video showing a little of their incredible material possibility, they can produce fully finished intricate 3D forms with a range of materials and attributes, and are the perfect people to produce a flexible, breathable, comfortable mesh to hold the sensors for the EEG Cap. As well as being a perfectly suited functional choice for my purposes they are committed to reducing their environmental impact and using the best sustainable design thinking. Their cutting-edge machines allow them to almost completely cut out waste in their production of knitted fabrics. The materials they use are sourced from Austria, Germany and Italy. I hope to visit them in May to learn more about their processes.

So to get things started I have sent them a pattern for the form, process shots below.

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