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The Expansion chapter of the Metacognition Revolution (see Project Map) is about the potential Meditation has to positively transform not just the individual, but the larger community. The personal benefits of Meditation are, in many places, becoming fairly widely known and accepted, but I also want people to realise that Meditation offers a path to a species wide shift in perception, and to a truly enhanced ability to make meaningful connections with other people and our surrounding environment. I want to present a totally new side, and corresponding aesthetic, of Meditation, to show that is not just an ancient technique, but also a scientific technique for building a more positive future.

I am making a promotional film for the Expansion chapter Metacognition Revolution game (see here) to excite and intrigue potential players. It is designed to appeal to 14-16 year olds. It is not designed to teach the details of techniques, but rather to present a new vision on Meditation and broadly introduce the Metacognition Revolution. It is designed to be ‘click’ bait; colourful, short and mysterious to get people to want to learn more.

I have been working with a really exciting team on this side of the project:

Director – Benjamin Chapman

Sound Artist – David Franklyn

3D Artist – Martín Salfity

Ahead of a sneak peek of our shoot day last Tuesday here is some of our inspiration and research:

3D Motion ‘consciousness’ representation Expansion/Contraction inspiration:



Film Moodboard:



Colour Palette inspired buy Three Jewels of Buddhism:


Some pages of our Storyboards by Ben:


Script writing:





Text/font style inspiration:





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