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It’s time to tell you about a brand new project with the talented Steph Singer from Bittersuite! Please allow me to introduce CitySkin…

Why do cities feel different? What are the invisible and unseen parts of the city and how do they affect us?

CitySkin is a reactive suit which gathers environmental and sensory information about the city and the wearer as they explore the urban landscape. There will be three City Skins: London, Birmingham and Montreal which will be exhibited in a participatory
installation. Each skin will be accompanied by an original composition created from the data gathered by the skin and a short sensory experience.

Audiences will immerse themselves within the sounds and sensations of London, Birmingham and Montreal as we found them; and experience the diversity of information and influence that our bodies are under inside different cities. We want audiences to understand that they are not separate from their city environment and CitySkin acts as a call to action to encourage us all to take better care of the world around us.

We have spent the last month collecting fascinating materials and talented collaborators, who I will be introducing over the following week. We will be spending 10 days in Concordia University in Montreal constructing the very first CitySkin, culminating with a test walk wearing the prototype on Monday. I’ll be sharing our activities and process every day here. Stay tuned!







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