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Today I laid the first steps for the construction of several of the reactive or collecting components of the CitySkin suit.

Firstly I worked on the housing for the TapSensor. This is a device that will allow the wearer of the suit to collect tempos from the city, for example to walking pace of the city inhabitants, or heart rates. For this part I have collaborated with the amazing Alice Stewart who has used her Arduino wizardry to whip up a little gadget which I now need to fit elegantly into the suit. I am creating a soft switch that will be integrated into the felt housing using silver thread and magnets. Today I did a little soldering and modelled up the inner housing for 3D printing.

Next some playing around with reactive inks to create panels of the suit that will change dependant on the weather conditions, namely sun and rain. I am using a Hydrochromatic ink that becomes clear on contact with water, and a UV reactive ink that darkens when exposed to sunlight. There’s a lot of testing to do before I can figure out the best way to create the pieces I need, and also any instructions that will need to be given to the wearer of the suit.

The suit contains a gas sampling bag for taking a sample of the city air, or potentially the wearer of the suits breath… how can I integrate this bag into the outfit? I played around with an expanding panel inspired by the beautiful AirVase.

So a little of this, a little of that… one day closer the a working prototype. Right it’s Saturday… I’m off!






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