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The CitySkin is complete! After 7 full working days with no distractions what so ever the prototype skin is finished and ready for it’s test run on Monday. Both Steph and I are surprised and delighted to have it all finished on Friday so we don’t have to work over weekend as we thought we might. It’s really been a special week, we started each day at 6am with breakfast, 30 minutes Meditation and 30 minutes exercise. In at 9, working all day, home, eat and early to bed. Such a pleasure to be able to put everything else aside and just work on one thing, a rare joy for both Steph and I who often work on several projects simultaneously.

The CitySkin is a little rough round some of the edges, but in I think will give us a great test run and help us learn plenty about how to improve the design ahead of mine making three final skins in January for the real walks in Spring.

The final tasks over today and yesterday included applying the Hyrdrochromic ink supplied to us by LCR Hallcrest, makers of incredible colour changing dyes, paints and materials. The Hydrochromic ink we are using turns clear when it comes in contact with water, so one of the shoulder panels will be able to record the weather during the walk, if it rained or snowed, just one of the many pieces that capture the environmental conditions of the city.

I also finished the tail that will ‘lick’ the city, gathering up bio-organisms for culturing and analysis. For this and other parts we are excited to be collaborating with Helene Steiner over at Open Cell London. More to follow…

Others tasks also include getting our printed collateral finished, logo design, map, booklet etc. We are now ready to navigate the city and guide our contact points with the urban environment.

Ok! It’s time for a well earned beer and a relaxing weekend before the BIG WALK on Monday, yours truly will be in the suit, Steph guiding. Stay tuned.












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