The Triptych and The Stewards

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Researchers at the Nippon Medical School in Japan compared data on the percentage of forest coverage in all prefectures and cancer mortality rates provided by the Ministry of Health. Even after they had controlled for smoking and socioeconomic factors, higher forest coverage within prefectures provided a significant protective effects against various cancers – lung, breast, uterine, prostate, kidney and colon cancers.

In a U.S. study, researchers at the University of West Florida examined five years’ worth of data on stroke mortality and found that geographic greenspace (measured via satellite technology) offered significant protection, while areas low in greenspace were associated with a very high risk of stroke mortality.

In a large study involving the residents of Shanghai, researchers reported that neighborhoods with a higher proportion of parks, gardens and other green ares were associated with a reduced risk or mortality.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, compared a land-use database for greenspace and mortality records. As with the Shanghai study, they found the same association between residence in the greenest areas and lower death rates.

Humans can not thrive without our connection to nature. Nature is the source of all resources from which technology is crafted. Technology is essential to support the number of humans on this planet. Human, nature and technology are inseparable parts of the same system.

The Triptych is a figure of three parts, in her/him we can meet and celebrate technology, nature and the archetypal human in a state of synergistic balance. She is always accompanied by her Stewards, who support her three simultaneous states. The Teachers assist those who wish to interact with her, and freely share and exchange knowledge to contextualize the Triptychs being.





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