Biophillic Book List Video Blurb…

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Freyja Sewell is obsessed… with Biophilic design, how can our increased knowledge of the natural world help us to create spaces and objects that make people feel better. For anyone craving green and wanted to know more about why, she will share her favourite books about Biophilic Design and recent research into how exposure to nature, or lack there of, affects us. The book club ends with a short 5 minute meditation.

1. Your Brain of Nature, Eva M Shekhub and Alan C. Logan

“Our turn away from nature is associated with less empathy and attraction to nature and, in turn, less interest in environmental efforts related to nature.”

2. The Nature Fix, Florence Williams

“We all need nearby nature: we benefit cognitively and psychologically from having trees, bodies of water, and green spaces”

3. The Hidden Half of nature, David R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle

“The human body is one vast ecosystem. (…) For every one of my cells, I harbour at least three bacterial cells. They live all over and in me – I am their homeland. I am not who I thought I was. And neither are you.”

4. Shinrinyoku, Yoshifumi Miyazaki

“It is around seven million years since our ancestors started evolving into th modern humans we are today. During this process of evolution we have spent more then 99.99 per cent of our time living in a natural environment. Our bodies are adapted to nature”




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