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Face masks can be uncomfortable. They can be sweaty and hot, they block the laugh, cover the kiss and stifle the smile. I don’t enjoy wearing them in public, but… face masks save lives. Every person you see wearing a mask is making a micro sacrifice, giving up their comfort to positively contribute, in their own small way, to our current reality.

Taiwan Corona Deaths: 7
UK Corona Deaths: 43,414

There is never one simple explanation for such a shocking piece of information, many socio-economic factors are involved… and one of them is masks.

Taiwan leveraged the strength of its manufacturing sector to increase daily mask production to capacity from 1.8 to 8 million masks. This has been called ‘Taiwan’s Mask Miracle’. Other countries which were culturally and systematticaly ready and willing to wear masks, like Japan, also saw much lower numbers then countries which were not, the the UK and USA.

The face-mask is a unique piece of Protective Personal Clothing (PPE), in that unlike others it’s primary purpose in our current context is to protect people AROUND the wearer, rather then the wearer themselves. What a beautiful concept, selflessness embodied in a small scrap of fabric.

It’s a tricky one for us in the UK, it’s harder for us to think collectively for many complex reasons. One of which is that for a long while now we have been very busy celebrating the individuals rights, protecting the concept of personal freedom, and this noble and well intentioned campaign has had many wonderful and important results. However a new collective conscious is growing, we are waking up to the reality that we can not solve the biggest issues facing us as a species, like climate change and global pandemics, as individuals, we must relearn to think as a village, with care, consideration and compassion for others as well as ourselves, and with respect for facts and the scientific method.

Masks in public spaces like transport and shops will save lives.

It’s not forever, so let’s make the most of it by celebrating, glamouring and enjoying our masks. These images were created as a window into a possible future, or present even, a beautiful biophilic science fiction society where we gladly choose to temporarily mildly discomfort ourselves to benefit others.

These pictures are rubbish. The fabric I used to make most of the clothes is from an old set, all shoes and accessories are second hand and I found the backdrop on the street. Most of the masks themselves are made from scraps left over from making the outfits, waste from waste. Even if resources are scarce, with creativity, and the luxury of time, there is fun to be had. If you don’t have time or creativity wear whatever mask you can get your hands on with pride, you are making society better.

Whether you are werking plain paper or hand crafted couture, wear your mask. Where your mask?!

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