Lil’Christmas Mask Shop

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Hi friends! Here is the selection of masks I’m offering for purchase in time for Christmas. All arrive gift wrapped in beautifully scented red tissue paper and yarn.

All masks are made from either 100% Cotton or 100% Silk.

Various colours and styles available, please get in touch to plan you perfect bespoke combination of the options below.

Only deadstock, recycled or reclaimed fabrics.

Message for purchasing.

Down with disposable!

Gift Wrapped and Scented
£30 Simple Santa
Two layer plain mask
£30 Reversible Santa
Two layer two colour reversable mask
£40 Sci Fi Santa
Sci Fi shape two layer mask
£50+ Sparkle Sci Fi
Extra embellishments available on request
£30 Beardy Santa
Two layer mask designed to fit over bushy beards Ho Ho Ho
£80 Scented Santa
Aromatherapy Mask with pleats to hold essential oils, comes complete with glass pipette and 10ml bottle of Phytoncide, a beautiful chemical with calming properties produced by plants. Available in either Simple or Sci Fi shape.
Phytoncide Bottle and Glass Pipette

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