Danu is born… Danu grows

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After many years of dreaming and developing this character in different forms I am so excited to be sculpting them as a digital character… Danu.

Danu is a genderless hybrid of human/nature/technology. This is an initial exploration of part of my larger Planthrofuture narrative: Danu has recently arrived from 3021 as a digital projection in the Planthroverse (Metaverse) a world made from ideas and the light showing on a screen. Danu is here to nudge us towards the future they have come from, a highly stylised, colourful, biophilic era called the Planthrofuture.

Had so much fun exploring different parameters with-in the character, stylised to realistic, female to male, human to robot. After playing around and recieving feedback I have decided to avoid the uncanny-valley by going for more of a stylised concept. My aim is for the character to feel calm, wise and friendly… with just a hint of mystery.

Time to dive into Blender!

So much more refining and work to go… but it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Danu… even if they are just a baby for now.

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