Violet Disruption Sketches

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animation, art, character design, design, fashion, metaverse

VIOLET DISRUPTION, VD, is the unofficial deity for survivors of sexual violence.

She has travelled from VTOPIA, a world free of dominance, to liberate the people with the power of rave. VD’s large-scale experiences speak to underrepresented groups and make space for us to rage it out together. VD cracks open a revolutionary & liberated spirit within audiences.

In 2021, Royal Opera House (ROH) and National Ballet of Canada (NBoC) commissioned Stephanie Singer to collaborate with Canadian digital tech innovators SIRT to develop VD, to compose a new rave based digital experience: FEEL. Building on this commission, VD was shortlisted and since won the ‘Beyond Opera’ prize to host a new experience on the main stage of the Finnish Opera House, Oct 2022.

I have been working with the creator of Violet, the irrepressible Stephanie, for about a decade now on lots of different projects. Violet is an ongoing labor, she is fluid and changeable, and has evolved from the first ideas we shared, and will continue to evolve into the future.

This last winter of 2022 has been an amazing dive into Violet, looking at what she has been, and wondering what she could be for this iteration, and beyond. This was at times a painful process, we both challenged ourselves to step back from our usual styles or assumptions, and push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Here are just a small sample of the many, many, many sketches created during this process:

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