Sand is water

I recently took a weekend trip to see some friends and have a chance to view some beautiful Japanese sand gardens. Fukuoka is the site of the very first Zen temple, Shofuku-ji was built 1195 by Yosai Eisai, it’s a quiet temple, housing the largest […]

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Abundance textures

One of my favourite sights that I keep coming across in Japan is the wonderful occurrence of hundreds or even thousands of small things combined to make a solid wall or object of texture. I’m calling these ‘abundance textures’, and here are some examples:

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Tea ceremony drawings

I’ve been attending tea ceremony lessons once a week for 2 months now, and despite the ache in my knees from kneeling on the floor I’m more in love with it then ever. Of all the types of meditation I’ve tried, this, a form or […]

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Takenoko and Gongyo

Ahhh that was an amazing week. Through the Hackerfarm community I have been lucky enough to meet Bernie and Hiromi, who are living rent free in a beautiful crumbling old wooden house in Kamagawa, Chiba. They have welcomed me into their home and in return […]

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First Zen meditation experience

The winter is far behind me, the Japanese lessons (though still fairly painful) seem to be getting better and I am getting ready to start my research in earnest. Tonight I went to take part in my first Zen (and in fact any) group meditation […]

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Solar Lanterns

Introducing the new Solar Lantern project in collaboration with Hackerfarm. Using the amazing open source solar lantern circuit created by Chris Wang (Akiba) we’ll be creating a solar lantern suitable for production at a re-cycled paper factory in Dharamsala by Tibetan refugees. More details to follow […]

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