Flex Felt Flesh

For the moving part of the MCR Helmet I have developed a new material I am calling Flex Felt. I take a rigid recycled PET felt, supplied by the excellent The Collective, and by strategically removing some of the material I can create areas of […]

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Behind the Film

The Expansion chapter of the Metacognition Revolution (see Project Map) is about the potential Meditation has to positively transform not just the individual, but the larger community. The personal benefits of Meditation are, in many places, becoming fairly widely known and accepted, but I also […]

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Neural Lace Construction

I am very excited to report that for the Neural Lace of my EEG Cap re-design I will be working with 3D knit experts at¬†Kobleder. Kobleder are industry leaders in Technical Knits, producing incredible 3D knitted forms for a range of purposes, from furniture to […]

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MetacogRevolution Game

For the Expansion section (see project map) of the Metacognition Revolution I am making a game aimed at 16yr olds taking part in the MYRIAD Project. The game’s purpose is to¬†enthuse and inspire the young people and schools to learn more about the benefits of […]

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SustainRCA Pecha Kucha

Last week I gave a Pecha Kucha at one of the SustainRCA evenings, revealing my secret sustainability agenda for my main RCA project, the Metacognition Revolution… This is the first time I’m going to try and explain how my project, which is about facilitating meditation […]

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I’ve been entertaining myself by imagining the stages of development for accurate brain reading devices for live bio-feedback based on the research by Judson and his team. I am designing the current model, which will be used in clinical a trial by 2020. I am […]

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Earpiece refinement

After deciding my initial shape through modelling on the example ears in clay I am now refining to ensure the best fit with as wide a range of ears as possible. I have printed three sets of incrementally changing pieces to explore three different choices. […]

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Neural Lace

I’m continuing to work on the EEG Headset design, the core component of which is the support material which holds the sensors to the scalp. This will be attached the the ‘headphone’ style element to cover the top and back half of the skull, and […]

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Review Questions

In preparation for next weeks formal crit: What are you working on? I am working on how technology can be used to to improve and promote proper Mindful Meditation practise. Metacognition through Meditation is an effective tool for re-gaining control of our minds, and pro-actively […]

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Alignment Ears

Process shots of working on finding a form for the earpiece that will help user align the EEG Headset with the preaurical points to ensure the cap sits on the head in the correct position.

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