neXus – designing the next designers

I was recently awarded the opportunity to work with Microsoft on a Mixed Reality experience in the early Spring, Mixed Reality is a term that covers the increasing overlaying and blending of the digital and virtual world with the ‘real’ world. I’m a long time […]

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Final words… for now

So after two relentlessly incredible years in Tokyo I’ve arrived back in London. This summer has been one of the best, creatively speaking very possible the absolute best, summers of my life. First the residency in Hida, followed by my time with Kengo Kuma and […]

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Hackerfarm Residency Prep

I can’t believe it, only 5 weeks left until I leave Japan. Or rather I don’t want to believe it. It will be almost two years to the day when I leave, but I am certainly leaving wanting more, which perhaps is the best way. […]

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Complex Simplicity

Yesterday was an amazing day. It really felt like the first day of my favourite season, summer, due to the beautiful intense heat the buzz of the cicadas. I woke up very early and ran down to the workshop to try an idea that I […]

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Ideas and Coffee and Mountains

I`ve had an amazing first few days of my residency. My aim for my time here is simple, too work closely with local craftspeople to come up with some new products that can be constructed using local tools and timber, that will appeal to a […]

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Welcome to Hida!

This week I start a two week residency at Hida Fabcafe. To start off my time here let me share this incredible space with you! Fabcafe is a super cool collection of cafes which can be found worldwide, for example in Spain, France and Tokyo. […]

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mono no aware

Cherry blossom season in Japan, a crazy couple of weeks where whatever the weather everyone, and I mean everyone, will take some time from their normally impenetrable work schedules to bathe in the beauty of the blossoms. This activity is called hanami, which literally translates as […]



So this week I received my pass mark for the JLPT3, which is the mid level of the government run Japanese Language Proficiency Test. This is the exam that I failed last spring, so I`m very happy to have achieved it this time. I doubt […]

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Sand is water

I recently took a weekend trip to see some friends and have a chance to view some beautiful Japanese sand gardens. Fukuoka is the site of the very first Zen temple, Shofuku-ji was built 1195 by Yosai Eisai, it’s a quiet temple, housing the largest […]

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Abundance textures

One of my favourite sights that I keep coming across in Japan is the wonderful occurrence of hundreds or even thousands of small things combined to make a solid wall or object of texture. I’m calling these ‘abundance textures’, and here are some examples:

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