Review Questions

In preparation for next weeks formal crit: What are you working on? I am working on how technology can be used to to improve and promote proper Mindful Meditation practise. Metacognition through Meditation is an effective tool for re-gaining control of our minds, and pro-actively […]

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Alignment Ears

Process shots of working on finding a form for the earpiece that will help user align the EEG Headset with the preaurical points to ensure the cap sits on the head in the correct position.

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Headphone Research

Whilst in Boston I presented three form proposals to Judson and his team. After much thought considering their comments I have decided to proceed with developing the 3rd option, which basically involves integrating the EEG tech into a familiar form: over-ear headphones. I once heard […]

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Pod Life

For reasons described in my Brief Refinement post I am now designing a Faraday Screen/Pod for us in the EEG Mirror ceremony. It is needed to reduce interference from other electrical devices found in a clinic, to the incredibly sensitive sensors with-in the EEG Cap. […]

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Brief Refinement

My time working with the neuroscientists has allowed me to refine my brief for the EEG Mirror. Here is what I must add to my existing work. Firstly the positioning of the sensors is a little different to what I have been working on, rather […]

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I’m heading home today after a very informative and inspiring trip to meet with Judson and his team at the¬†University of Massachusetts Medical School. I was able to present my work on re-designing the EEG Mirror for a clinical space, and learn¬†more about their needs […]

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3 Forms

After lots of fun playing around with different shapes an materials I’ve boiled it down to three form proposals to share with Judson and his team in Boston. Form 1 Reduced Standard Form 2 Alternative Materials Mesh/Felt Form 3 Integrated Tech Process shots:

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4 terms down, 2 to go

My presentation from the end of my fourth term at the RCA, where I’m at, where I’m going…   We live in a time where we can send and receive information instantly, travel the globe, we’ve automated boring, dangerous processes so we don’t have to […]

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Reading lust

I’ve read some fantastic books during my research, with plenty more in stacked up and in the post that I’m looking forward to. My own meditation practise has been immeasurably improved by reading more about what is actually happening the my brain, and I have […]

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