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Sangha is a helmet constructed from a muscle-like recycled PET ‘Flex Felt’ that reacts to live data from the wearer’s brain via built-in sensors. If the user is stressed, the helmet will remain closed. Once the wearer becomes calm through Meditation, the helmet opens up to […]

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Soft Data Bio Feedback

One of my favourite parts of the redesign process for the EEG Mirror was the bio-feedback mechanism. The current laboratory set up uses this graph: So the lower the line, the deeper into flow state you are. My research suggests that the type of feedback […]

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Behind the Film

The Expansion chapter of the Metacognition Revolution (see Project Map) is about the potential Meditation has to positively transform not just the individual, but the larger community. The personal benefits of Meditation are, in many places, becoming fairly widely known and accepted, but I also […]

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I’m heading home today after a very informative and inspiring trip to meet with Judson and his team at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I was able to present my work on re-designing the EEG Mirror for a clinical space, and learn more about their needs […]

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3 Forms

After lots of fun playing around with different shapes an materials I’ve boiled it down to three form proposals to share with Judson and his team in Boston. Form 1 Reduced Standard Form 2 Alternative Materials Mesh/Felt Form 3 Integrated Tech Process shots:

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The 3C’s of Mindfulness

Technology is changing the shape of our brains and our future, what do we want to become? Mindfulness is meta-cognition, enabling us keep control. Having understood the Three Jewels of Buddhism I think there is something so strong and powerful there that is certainly lacking in […]

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The Three Jewels of Buddhism

During my fascinating discussion with Robin Cooper is learnt more about a concept I’ve stumbled upon before, the Three Jewels of Buddhism. The ideals at the heart of Buddhism are collectively known as the ‘Three Jewels’, or the ‘Three Treasures’. These are the Buddha (the yellow jewel), the Dharma (the […]

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Rethinking the EEG

One part of this project is to redesign the EEG Scanner, the headwear which is used to read which parts of the brain are active, which is done by sensors picking up electrical signals. I’m lucky to be working with scientists at MIT for this […]

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What is an EEG Mirror?

So having looked at various technologies claiming to aid meditation and talking with an expert in the field of mindfulness neuroscience (Thank you Judson Brewer) I have decided to start focusing on EEG Mirrors. So what is an EEG Mirror? Electroencephalography (EEG) is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record […]

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