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Assembly time…

Finally able to assemble/solder the prototype headset for the Metacognition game, which I have decided to call Sangha, which is one of three Jewels of Buddhism and means community. Been slowly but steadily working towards this over the last few months, step by step. I […]

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Flex Felt Flesh

For the moving part of the MCR Helmet I have developed a new material I am calling Flex Felt. I take a rigid recycled PET felt, supplied by the excellent The Collective, and by strategically removing some of the material I can create areas of […]

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Earpiece refinement

After deciding my initial shape through modelling on the example ears in clay I am now refining to ensure the best fit with as wide a range of ears as possible. I have printed three sets of incrementally changing pieces to explore three different choices. […]

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3 Forms

After lots of fun playing around with different shapes an materials I’ve boiled it down to three form proposals to share with Judson and his team in Boston. Form 1 Reduced Standard Form 2 Alternative Materials Mesh/Felt Form 3 Integrated Tech Process shots:

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Talking with some teachers

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing the project with two teachers of meditation, both conversations were very illuminating, I hope to speak to many more in the coming months. I started out by attending a free introductory evening into Vedic meditation […]

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Hackerfarm Residency Prep

I can’t believe it, only 5 weeks left until I leave Japan. Or rather I don’t want to believe it. It will be almost two years to the day when I leave, but I am certainly leaving wanting more, which perhaps is the best way. […]

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Complex Simplicity

Yesterday was an amazing day. It really felt like the first day of my favourite season, summer, due to the beautiful intense heat the buzz of the cicadas. I woke up very early and ran down to the workshop to try an idea that I […]

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Welcome to Hida!

This week I start a two week residency at Hida Fabcafe. To start off my time here let me share this incredible space with you! Fabcafe is a super cool collection of cafes which can be found worldwide, for example in Spain, France and Tokyo. […]

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Abundance textures

One of my favourite sights that I keep coming across in Japan is the wonderful occurrence of hundreds or even thousands of small things combined to make a solid wall or object of texture. I’m calling these ‘abundance textures’, and here are some examples:

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Takenoko and Gongyo

Ahhh that was an amazing week. Through the Hackerfarm community I have been lucky enough to meet Bernie and Hiromi, who are living rent free in a beautiful crumbling old wooden house in Kamagawa, Chiba. They have welcomed me into their home and in return […]

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