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Soft Data Bio Feedback

One of my favourite parts of the redesign process for the EEG Mirror was the bio-feedback mechanism. The current laboratory set up uses this graph: So the lower the line, the deeper into flow state you are. My research suggests that the type of feedback […]

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I’m heading home today after a very informative and inspiring trip to meet with Judson and his team at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. I was able to present my work on re-designing the EEG Mirror for a clinical space, and learn more about their needs […]

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3 Forms

After lots of fun playing around with different shapes an materials I’ve boiled it down to three form proposals to share with Judson and his team in Boston. Form 1 Reduced Standard Form 2 Alternative Materials Mesh/Felt Form 3 Integrated Tech Process shots:

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The 3C’s of Mindfulness

Technology is changing the shape of our brains and our future, what do we want to become? Mindfulness is meta-cognition, enabling us keep control. Having understood the Three Jewels of Buddhism I think there is something so strong and powerful there that is certainly lacking in […]

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neXus – designing the next designers

I was recently awarded the opportunity to work with Microsoft on a Mixed Reality experience in the early Spring, Mixed Reality is a term that covers the increasing overlaying and blending of the digital and virtual world with the ‘real’ world. I’m a long time […]

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Hackerfarm Residency Prep

I can’t believe it, only 5 weeks left until I leave Japan. Or rather I don’t want to believe it. It will be almost two years to the day when I leave, but I am certainly leaving wanting more, which perhaps is the best way. […]

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Complex Simplicity

Yesterday was an amazing day. It really felt like the first day of my favourite season, summer, due to the beautiful intense heat the buzz of the cicadas. I woke up very early and ran down to the workshop to try an idea that I […]

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Welcome to Hida!

This week I start a two week residency at Hida Fabcafe. To start off my time here let me share this incredible space with you! Fabcafe is a super cool collection of cafes which can be found worldwide, for example in Spain, France and Tokyo. […]

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mono no aware

Cherry blossom season in Japan, a crazy couple of weeks where whatever the weather everyone, and I mean everyone, will take some time from their normally impenetrable work schedules to bathe in the beauty of the blossoms. This activity is called hanami, which literally translates as […]